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A quick explanation: colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy by Ostomy Lifestyle

Helen Bracey, Helpline Services Manager for Ostomy Lifestyle, a UK charity that supports people affected by stoma surgery, explains how the digestive and urinary systems work, and how stoma...

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A Day In My Life with an Ostomy Bag (VLOG #1)

A Day In My Life With An Ostomy Bag (VLOG #1) http://youtu.be/X051ZLY3VHU Subscribe To My New Channel For All Things IBD Related: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_kWNppFjacWa8Xm3tYuog?annotati...

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A revolution in ostomy device design - StomaLife

StomaLife is a small innovative medical device that aims to replace the need for a colostomy bag, enabling patients to live a near normal healthy active life, with no messy bags to change....

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Dressing with an ostomy can be both overwhelming and frustrating! Hopefully this video helps you on how to dress with an ostomy. Ostomy Covers on Etsy: AbiliteeAdaptiveWear Undercover Ostomy...

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Today's video is breaking down all of the ostomy products you might need to use! I know that it seems totally overwhelming and like a foreign language, but hopefully this video breaks it...

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Top 5 Ostomy Bag Products

My Top 5 Ostomy Products (links to products below) Share this Video: http://youtu.be/1Y75dpoudF0 Subscribe To My New Channel For All Things IBD Related: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_kWNppFja...

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What It Feels Like to Have an Ostomy

Every wonder what it feels like to have a stoma? If an ostomy may be in your future or you know someone with an ostomy, take a look at this video! I give you the details about what is physically...

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Living well with an ostomy

With the “Living Well” DVD you hear directly from people who are living with an ostomy and an Ostomy nurse. You will hear their personal stories and they will share tricks and tips on...

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What Is An Ostomy?

In this video, Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, Laura Cox, goes over ostomy basics: what an ostomy/stoma is and why someone would have ostomy surgery. She also covers how anatomy...

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Ostomy Pouching for Children

Hear a mother and her school-age daughter explain what it means to live with an ileostomy and learn tips to apply, empty and remove a pouch. This video is provided by UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

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How to Empty Your Ostomy Bag

In this video, Laura shows us different positions to use when emptying your ostomy bag, tips on how to keep things clean and how to use deodorizing drops. Note: Laura uses water in place of...

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How to Change an Ostomy Bag

In this video, learn how to change a colostomy bag plus a Q & A about what it's like to have an ostomy bag, the biggest challenges and some advice for teens who have one. Learn more here:...

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Things That Still Bother Me Since Getting Ostomy Surgery - And How I Resolve Them

This video from Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, Laura Cox, is all about keeping it real. While Laura is grateful for her surgery and the life it has given her, there are still...

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Ostomy Ileo Night Pouch Review

Coloplast Ileo Night Pouch Review. I use this pouch whenever I eat late, need a full nights sleep or just too lazy to get out of bed. I usually get two nights out of each pouch. After I use...

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Wearing tight clothes with an ostomy

facebook: www.facebook.com/ostomystory Instagram: lauraannalise.

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Ostomy Care: How to Burp an Ostomy Bag

Gas in your ostomy bag, which is often referred to as \

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Ostomy Care: Preventing Leaks

Preventing ostomy leaks is an important part of being confident with an ostomy, not only at home, but when out in public. In this video, I give some of the most common reasons for ostomy related...

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ComfortBelt ostomy support band: REVIEW

Here's an ostomy support band that works really well to help conceal your bag, expand your clothing options, and keep things secure. The ComfortBelt offers more support than an ostomy wrap,...

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Ostomy bag covers- how to wear it.

How to wear your fabric ostomy cover: This video will show you how to put on a fashionable ostomy bag cover, also how to empty your bag without taking off the cover. Website for pattern:...

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OSTOMY CARE TIPS: Medication and Supplements

Here's a warning to ileostomates who are taking medication or supplements: You may not actually be absorbing it! Written article: https://www.veganostomy.ca/2015/12/medication-supplements-ileostom...

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Ostomy Minute - Creating a Good Seal Without Skin Residue

How can you create a good seal under the skin barrier of an ostomy appliance without leaving residue on the skin? In this one-minute video, WCEI Instructor Joy Hooper, RN, BSN, CWOCN, OMS,...

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Hollister New Image ostomy system overview

Here's a quick overview of some of the pros and cons that I've found with the Hollister New Image wafer with CeraPlus #11203 and the New Image pouches #18183. For a full review, please check...

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Dealing With Ostomy Blockages: Ostomy Tips

If you have an ileostomy or colostomy, you'll likely be told to avoid blockages and bowel obstructions. In this video, I'll be explaining a few of the things that I do to avoid blockages and...

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Ostomy Refeed | Short Bowel Syndrome


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How To Keep Your Ostomy Bag On : Leak Prevention

How to get your ostomy bag to not leak: Ostomy leaks can be the WORST. Here are some tips on how to keep that thing in place and leak-free when you live an active busy life! This is what helped...

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Managing THICK Ostomy Output: Stoma Care Tips

Thick output from an ileostomy or colostomy can pose a few problems for an ostomate: - Leaks. - Difficulty emptying your bag. - \

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Ostomy Care Tips: Showering with an ostomy

Looking for how to keep your ostomy dry in the shower? This video answers questions about showering when you have an ostomy, as well as provides some tips for common issues. You can read...

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Thaila Series: Episode 7 - Showering With Your Ostomy

Thaila gives you some practical tips and tricks for taking a shower with an ostomy. Leave us your comments below! You can also contact us on: Web: http://www.coloplast.co.uk/thailaseries Facebook:...

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Ostomy Belt for Swimming: by STOMAPLEX

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt for Swimming: Enjoy your life the way you want to live it after you get your ostomy with this Ostomy Belt by Stomaplex. Sarah says, I hope that viewers with a new ostomy...

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United Ostomy Association of America

An educational and support video for a non profit organization addressing living with an ostomy.

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